10 Cheapest Budget Travel Countries in Europe

Planning a trip to Europe, but worried about the cost? You’ll be surprised at how affordable some of the continent’s top vacation destinations can be! In this video, we’ll countdown the top 10 INSANELY AFFORDABLE countries to visit in Europe, based on factors like the cost of living, accommodation, food, and transportation.
Whether you’re looking for beautiful beaches, stunning mountains, or rich cultural experiences, there’s a budget-friendly option for you. Don’t miss this guide to the most affordable European getaways!

The cost of these budget-friendly travel experience is calculated taking into account :
For Backpacker:
1-star hotels or hostels only in double occupation
Budget restaurants and meals cooked at the hotel
Public transport only
Free activities rips and tours only

For Average budget traveller:
2 or 3-star hotels only in double occupation
Budget and local restaurants most of the time, a good restaurant every 4 days
Public transport and 10km/day in a taxi
Limited activities, trips and tours.

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  1. I went to bosnia with some friends and loved it however here are some tips: banja luka is a very clean and beautiful place to be however be sure to have local currency because most places arent that happy if you pay in euro. so ask in advance if you can pay in euro or have some local currency. Food is very cheap so restaurants are often better than cooking yourself and the food is pretty good. Mostar is the 2nd city we went to and historically the best in my opinion however be sure to visit early or late because there is a lot of tourism there. The 3th city we visited is sarajevo this place has the most tourism with lots of musea and souvenir shops however do check reviews first because some of them are scam. Overall bosnia is a beautiful and has a lot to offer some locals arent to tourist friendly but most of them are okay. Travelling between cities takes a lot of time because you have to travel on small roads in between beautiful mountains and rivers. Wifi and ac is everywhere and very good wich surprised me the most. Food is delicious and cheap. I went for 7 days and payed €320 all included. (Flights, food, accommodation, busses, everything)

  2. I have visited all with the exception of Lithuania. I just recently visited 8 and Croatia is expensive as well as Montenegro. We loved Serbia, Bosnia, and Bulgaria.

  3. Videos like this are gentrifying nice locations everywhere just to get clicks and views. I would never understand people that hype nice places and destroy their appeal for themselves, as well as for others.

  4. Listen!!. Exploring new countries is such a rewarding experience! For first-time travelers, I'd recommend considering destinations that offer a mix of cultural richness and natural beauty. Personally, I've been fortunate to travel to over 10 countries thanks to careful budgeting and smart investments.I wasnt financial free until my 40’s and I’m still in my 40’s, bought my second house already, earn on a monthly through passive income and got 2 out of 5 goals, just hope it encourages someone that it doesn’t matter if you don’t have any of them right now, you can start TODAY regardless your age INVEST and change your future…

  5. Just been to Albania and the food was cheap and the people lovely but was hard to get a beer for less than 3 euros and we went north to south, there was a few wanting 7 euros for a beer, some are just taking advantage of tourists.

  6. Err, ''a soup with breadwill cost you 3 dollars+''! I have never paid, small as it may be, over $3 dollars, in apparently, one of the chiepiest countries in Europe, for a soup!

  7. As you are going to Albania, why not find out 1) where does the drinking water come from 2) how many sewage treatment plants are there in Albania 3) how many engineered landfill sites are there in Albania – and engineered landfill is a site lined with a membrane to prevent leachate getting into water courses and where the methane is captured and flared off.

  8. Spot on. Kiev was also very cheap before the war though not as picturesque as some of these destinations. Been to 41 of 46 European countries and Dubrovnik and Kotor were among the nicest places visited

  9. Montenegro is dreamland its True but people dont know enough Albania natural beauties yet. You can swim, climb, culture, history tourism in same where. Have many tourism point. I love so much there.

  10. Albania is not good for transport. There is no railway – well, there is one railway line but it does not work. There are buses, but no real way of knowing where they stop or when they run. The roads are truly terrible, scary. The sort of road you need to keep your eye on the road suface all the time – so you need to hire a driver. Now that makes Albania abit more expensive.

  11. this is not cheap, it is different. If you want to commute in squeaking old trams from the seventies that were donated from other countries, eat street food all day, stay at an unofficial hostel that can be Igor renting out his own spare bedroom illegally, by local standards even, and I am not exaggerating. A capital like Sofia didn't have a single official hostel, last time I checked anyway. I even found out that they were offering a bed which was the sofa in the communal area, mind was blown. A natural marvel like Belogradchik didn't have supermarkets, instead it was Halims corner shop with stale bread and non brand biscuits or alternatively bring your own food. The way people define cheap is that Albania has the same luxury high speed trains and a deluxe vandrarhem as Sweden, only more inexpensive. Wrong way of thinking.

  12. Romania is a beautiful with beautiful green rolling hills the people are very kind and welcoming the food is delicious and I would recommend while you're there you visit the city of Transylvania it is a relaxing and historical escape from the hustle and bustle when I was there from what I would see on on average hotel accommodation with typically cost between 14 and $17 USD per night it made for a wonderful for me this year in 2023

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