Travelling to Melbourne and not sure where to stay? i’ve done a few videos on things to do/ eat/ see whenever you’re in Melbourne but i figured what was lacking was a review of a couple accommodation options when in Melbourne. So… this is that video.

Ok – In this video we dive real deep into two hotels that i stayed at during my time in Melbourne, one that is an affordable accommodation (the Brady Hotel), and the other, a luxury accommodation (The Blackman Hotel).

The Brady Hotel:
30 Little La Trobe St, Melbourne Victoria, Australia

The Blackman Hotel:
452 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne Victoria, Australia

I paid AUD $70 for the night at the Brady Hotel, and leeched 2 nights off my friend at the Blackman Hotel (~$250 – 280 / night at the time i checked the hotel).

i reviewed the two Melbourne accommodation based on the hotel room itself, the location, and the hotel facilities, and then finally making an assessment as to which one was better value for money.

Hope you enjoyed the video!

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  1. Hey hi, i follow your channel from India and now am in shepparton. We are looking for room in melbourne if you know anyone please tell us, so we can move quickly there with our luggage.

  2. We think you are right about the paintings. The most important thing is whether you feel comfortable when you stay in a hotel room. When you are in the similar situation next time, you could ask the hotel staff to remove the paintings given that you do not feel comfortable regardless how much you/your friend has paid for the room.

  3. 1) The room is the most important. Must have free wifi, a good TV, a comfortable bed, a desk, and a hot shower.
    2) If I do not have a vehicle, the hotel has to be close to public transportation.
    3) Amenities – who cares. In the past 40 years, I think that I have eaten in no more than three hotels ( when I have had a choice). And when I travel, I walk 10+ miles each day negating the need for a gym.

  4. For a longer stay the Blackman Hotel would be more feasible due to the ability to cook instead of buying food everyday which can cost in the long run. The paintings are okay but to down rate because of it adoesn't make sense. When we stayed in Sydney our hotel with a kitchen and that saved us a lot of dollars.

  5. Location, Location, Location! For me, as a tourist, I prefer discovering a city on foot. It's the easiest way to navigate unfamiliar surroundings, and you really feel like a local by walking around the city. So I would pick the Brady Hotel over the more expensive option, simply out of convenience. I would only hope that the construction was completed before I booked this hotel.

  6. With the ‘mini bar’ in Melbourne with most hotels the fridge comes empty and sometimes there is a bowl or cupboard with snakeskin in it but you pay for each item and they are all over priced ( eg. once I stayed at one where a snickers bar was $7.50 AUD )

  7. hey janice. just discovered your vids. absolutely love them. did you know the olsen in south yarra is where many of the tennis players like serena williams stay when in melbourne for the australian open?!

  8. Hey Janice. Haha. Just begin watching your videos. This hotel was the one i picked as well when coming to melbourne for a short holiday.

    No carpark though. (Rented a car)

  9. I was screaming at the screen while you were working out what the box was for on the wall. Glad you sussed it out out.
    For me hotels have to be clean with.a comfy bed and close to where everything is happening.
    When I stopped in Sydney the hotel I've used a couple of times was just next to a petrol station and had a 24 hour shop. It was great in the morning for the $2 coffees. I usually like to go out for breakfast instead of at the hotel.
    The breakfast place I like is the pavilion cafe off Art Gallery road on the edge of the Royal Botanical Gardens. Had some good breakfast there Sat outside.

  10. Brady hotel for the win! It works great and functional too, great for budget traveler for sure. Nice find Janice, this is the first time we heard of it. I guess it's because it's quite new 😀
    The Blackman hotel is popular to stay for bridal party so you can get great prep and bridal shots in the room since it's luxurious and spacious but still quite affordable compared to big hotel chains like Hyatt or Hilton.
    Great comparison video Jan 👍

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