I Stay In The BEST Rated Hotel In Whitby?

Is this the BEST hotel in Whitby?
With over 2,000 Excellent reviews on trip advisor, I had to try one night at Raithwaite Sandsend, Whitby, to see if it lives up to the reviews!

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  1. For all the people in the world the hotel itself it is just an additional thing to the travel, a stop in the journey. British people are traveling to visit the Hotel itself like that would be a destination of their journey. I know the channel is about it, but they do it in a real life. They travel to see the hotel and that is their sense of trip. Which is kinda odd for me.

  2. Just watched and the room is really very bland. No color, all beige, and no art. All art and colors are on the outside of your room. I love the pool and the property 😍💖

  3. So bloody stupid. You have to stay in an annex and travel to the main hotel for your meals. What if it’s pouring of rain? I don’t care how nice it is, I’ll give this place a miss.

  4. Yes! I agree the room !asked character , those little finishing touches , it looked too ,bitty, the tiny lobby was nothing, , the office but was too cut off! Not for me!

  5. Have stayed in one of the balcony rooms seen from the main building garden. Could not fault the hotel, room and the staff were extremely friendly. It was a treat at the time so not the kind of prices I would normally pay but there was the sense of something special.

  6. The room definitely needed some pictures on the wall and the pool could have been better with some feature plants around the outside. I felt the balcony walls were to high as you couldn't enjoy the view. Needed a covered moving walkway to get to and from each building, lol.

  7. I think what was missing in the room and pool area was some large artwork. Most places I've be to have something on the walls. I think it would have given it a cozier feel ❤

  8. Not ideal that you actually have to travel from building to building to get to the spa or the restaurant.
    The pool area could use a plant or two, looks very empty and loveless. Same with the room actually. Everything is beige, no color, no pictures on the wall or other decor, no plants… The area when you first come into the room could use a nice big mirror and some coat hooks maybe.

  9. I didn't liked the room actually, i think anex rooms are always not the best regular/standard rooms.
    I guess the main building time are better at the same level

    The spa is again less attractive but the pool is stunning

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