How To Find The BEST Pre-Cruise Hotel

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Sharon at Sea Travel shares their Top Secret Tip to finding the Best Pre-Cruise Hotel for your next Cruise. Join Jamie from SAST as he explains how they go about booking every pre-cruise hotel.

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  1. We’ve had some nightmare experiences with 3rd party sites. It’s happened to us twice that they overbooked or the 3rd party never got our reservation to the property when we arrive to check in, they’re fully booked and we have to scramble to find something else. We search through those sites but we always book direct now. And I completely agree with you on reading the reviews not just looking at the rating. Some bad reviews are legit, others are just ridiculous or not things we care about.

  2. Is it better to fly in the night before your cruise
    We are Going on a cruise from San Juan what are some recommendations on hotels near the port

  3. trying to find hotel in Boston sea port quite high being Canadians . . . . have you folks traveled out of Boston Harbor, your suggestions are good . . . cruising just curious. thanks Jollean

  4. We are flying in to Seattle two days ahead. I followed your advice and booked directly with the hotel. I chose Travelodge By The Space Needle, but I am open to alternatives. It's just the two of us and we are hoping to get to the hotel by transit and downtown with a day pass second day.

  5. Thanks for your advice to all of us. We(6) will probably stay at the Hilton also. We have a Carnival Horizon southern cruise coming up in February 2025. Im doing research now. We will have about 8 pieces of luggage. Can you please tell me if the Hotel have transportation to the port and the price per person. Thanks for your help

  6. I really enjoy watching your videos, always get so much great information. I do look at reviews, including Trip Advisor but tend to look at sites as well. Trip Advisor are not verified reviews, meaning that anyone can put a review, whether they have stayed at the hotel or not. Expedia, Priceline and other online booking site reviews are verified, meaning that the reviewer booked with the OTA and actually stayed at the hotel. Just something to think about when looking at reviews.

  7. That was extremely informative. We have used google maps before but have never thought about google earth, so thank you. One thing though to consider is we like to book hotels using points from the Chase Reserve credit card so it’s not always practical to go directly to a hotel site. But still very informative and will use these tactics in the future.

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