I Stayed At Every Hotel On The Vegas Strip

This is the video I threatened to film at some point last year – and finally, it’s here!! We’re big fans of Las Vegas and, in a moment of delirium, decided to stay in every hotel on the strip and provide the internet with a full report of our thoughts – just in case you need it. So, we booked a hotel room at every single one of the 33 casino mega resorts on the Strip – to review the rooms, vibes, and activities at each one. What happens in Vegas, gets uploaded to youtube, as the saying goes. What did you guys think? Which hotels were your favorite?

A quick note – it looks like the Strat price title is missing, we paid $80 there on a Sunday!

Also, when we say “Operated Independently” – we mostly mean, not operated by MGM or Caesars!

Also also – we did receive some comped experiences at Treasure Island, Resorts World, and Circus Circus – but that did not influence our review and we did not promise them positive coverage.

0:00 Intro
2:56 Vegas Game Plan
4:48 The Four Seasons
8:04 The Delano
10:01 Mandalay Bay
12:57 The Luxor
17:14 The Excalibur
20:57 New York New York
23:42 Park MGM
25:23 The NoMad
28:13 The Waldorf Astoria
30:12 The Aria
32:18 Bonus Hotel: Vdara
32:47 The Cosmopolitan
36:18 The Bellagio
39:35 Caesars Palace
41:06 The Nobu Hotel
44:01 The Mirage
46:27 Treasure Island
48:58 Resorts World
52:53 Circus Circus
56:13 The Stratosphere

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  1. I enjoyed this series when it came out and had no plans to go to Vegas, now I’m planning to go and studying very closely 🧐 safiya is the perfect guide

  2. Greenburg is one of my fav places to eat. Ive been going to Vegas every year for 20 years (my whole life) and now that Im 21 Im gonna be able to gamble now.

  3. I’ve just discovered you too and I have to say you guys are hysterical. I think you both could be standup comedians. Thank you both for your humor it makes my day.

  4. Wow that room at Park MGM kind of ruined it for me, it was laid out very strangely. I wonder if you just had like some weird corner room or if that's standard because the room its self seemed nice enough and the casino looked really nice but that room was a major turn off for me.

  5. Don't forget about all the ghosts at Mandalay Bay because they allowed that shooter to bring in and set up all those guns. Mandalay only cared that he was a high roller and looked the other way when he brought all his sniper stuff up to the penthouse.

  6. I haven't even watched yet and I can say I enjoyed NYNY because we requested a corner room and got it. The full corner is a glass view. Beautiful. Also- they have a full hot tub IN the room next to the bed. Make sure you ask too… BIG difference and they dont charge more if it's available.

    My next favorite is the Cosmopolitan. Clean, best comps, best free drinks (quality), best location on strip, and just an overall beautiful hotel that makes you feel richer than you are.

    ALSO- If you find ANY issue with your room- especially with cleanliness- let them know (take pictures). They will not only fix the issue, but at the very least they will waive the resort fee to save you some money.

  7. a piece of advice: if you are going to flash little factoids on the screen for the viewer as an addendum to whatever topic is currently being discussed, pls don't have them last for all of two seconds each time — i can't read that quickly and i don't want to have to keep pausing the video repeatedly just to do so. 🐣

  8. I know this video is already a year old, but I just want to say the view from the top of the Stratosphere during dinner was awesome till I saw the lighting bolts in the background far in the distance.

  9. You definitely don't have to be a gambler to have fun in Vegas. World class food and entertainment everywhere you go is enough! My husband and I like to go every couple of years.

  10. So then you didn’t stay at every Hotel on the Strip. Just the Casinos. Not only that. There are more 14 on the Strip. No way did you stay at all of them.

  11. lame content for a lame location by lame "creators" .the fact that this channel has so many followers and doesn't manage to even be a bit funny or informative.

  12. I was in Vegas recently and was trying to figure out what the little hut outside of Excalibur was – apparently it used to be even more themed with some of security on horseback, an animatronic dragon show in the moat and a little Medieval Village you could walk through(sounds like that one part of NY-NY). They de-themed a lot in the early 2000s and it makes me kinda sad because I can only imagine how much more Saf would have loved it in it's original glory.

  13. i stayed in the excalibur when i was a kid, my baby sister opened the nightstand bible and a stripper card fell out and i feel like that’s the most american thing ever

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