I Stayed In The WORST Rated Hotel In My City

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  1. I read a review from the demolished 2 star Caprice Hotel in Victoria, BC. "My wife woke up screaming all covered in bed bugs at 3 am…" The Balmoral, Empress and Cobalt in Vancouver are shambolic. Roaches, bedbugs and garbage in the halls. I hate cigarettes! All carpeted halls stink like crematoriums! No begbugs-now that is fantastick-OK, I'll take it!

  2. Pro tip: When you're at a chain like Radisson, lift the mattress up. They keep a bedbug checker underneath the size of a matchbox. If it's clear, you're good.

  3. Every time my boyfriend sits down on something in a hotel I’m like get your ass up he responded why I’m like I ain’t gonna allow bed bugs and bugs in our house he gets up I’m like go change boi it’s disgusting how people touch everything and sometimes the cleaners are too lazy to clean it up.

  4. As an belarusian, maybe i should be careful with our soviet apartments we lived in the past. I was pretty worried for a while watching these videos. Must bring an uv light before going in there somehow😂

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