Is Ett Hem the best boutique hotel in Europe, if not the world?

We love to visit, explore and often stay at the very best hotels in the world so we can recommend them to our clients. And Ett Hem (literally ” a home ” in Swedish) goes to the very top of our list for its design, sense of place, service, welcome and overall experience. Staying here at Ett Hem is like being invited to stay with your very best and wealthy understated friend’s house for Ett Hem in no way feels like a hotel.

You are genuinely made to feel welcome to walk around the entire property, even into the managers office and all the kitchens are open plan so you can wonder around and talk to the chefs. First opened with 12 rooms and now extended, all 22 bedrooms are beautifully design and there is artwork throughout the hotel , all designed by British designer Ilse Crawford from her Studioilse.

The new garden between House 1 and House 2 was created by the Rich brothers, also from the UK (and who have appeared regularly on the BBC) so its a sort of Scandi-Brit winning combination. Owner Jeanette Mix really has created an arts & crafts townhouse of extraordinary elegance and style in the embassy quarter of the city. Who needs a view of Stockholm harbour when you can retreat to this truly special place, a mix yourself a cocktail at one of the honesty bars.

Within walking distance of some of the best bakeries and clothes shops where the Stcokholm locals frequent. With locally sourced ingredients serving Scandinavian cuisine and a true sense of timelessness there is a feeling of utter admiration for what Jeanette Mix and her team have achieved here.

And if you’d like to stay then get in touch with us as this is a Virtuoso hotel and we can secure you $100 of hotel credit, a priority upgrade (upon availability) and early checkin – checkout (upon availability) and also as a Swedish resident of 8 years and frequent visitor to the city, some free advice on what to do in Stockholm . Oh and in our opinion this is the best boutique hotel we have ever visited and will be returning very soon !

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