Whitest Island In Asia? #408

Whitest Island in Asia?
I’ve never seen anything like this. It seems like every Western tourist in the world comes to live in Bali. Why?
Now that I’m finally inside, I found the answer!
See you tomorrow!

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  1. And for you foreign tourists, please respect the culture, customs and local people there. You are just tourists, not colonials! It's our home so please act like a guest. I, a local resident, very often encounter foreign tourists/white people who are very impudent and behave badly while in Bali. Please don't dirty my country with your free and wild behavior.

    Respect our cultural customs and local people, and we will respect and host you very well…

  2. Most cases like that is because of colonialism and families settled there its a reminder of the sad but brutal history of the past. No angry feelings towards whites or Europeans im not like that whites are not responsible for there ancestors actions just like im not a victim of european brutality unlike my ancestors who can speak to the reality of the time. Here in the north side of mexico many are of European descent or white i was the only dark brown guy in one town i went to its quite amazing although sad at the same time but its life the world is changing much like europe and US is becoming more brown skinned or black here in mexico some areas are more white or becoming more white

  3. Temples and festivals, culture dance man… I love that the most… they are have forgotten their culture…. Rare these days when value systems and westernisation is the Norman.

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