Ranking Europe’s Best Cities

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  1. Just came back from Malta, beautiful country, extremely friendly people and wonderfully delicious cuisine, all wrapped around in great history. Its the first country in EU i want to go back to again so I can see everything I missed.

  2. Budapest is not underrated😉 you are underrated, if you hurt my country, you already hurt. You don't know what my country went through, you don't know what my country fought for so that you could be their. Those who value nothing do not belong in my precious country, they cannot set foot in my country.

  3. Nonono,

    At first cinque terre isn’t a city or place but a few villages. But yeah it’s nice there.

    My opinion:

    Lisbon > Valencia
    Budapest > Napoli
    Cinque terre > Funchal (Madeira)
    Paris > Rome
    London > Dublin

  4. Paris doesn’t have the best architecture.
    London isn’t fun. It looks like Baghdad.
    Hungary isn’t the most “colourful”. Because it has a clear water beach ? Like Sardinia doesn’t lmao. 😂

    These donuts I swear

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