Europe’s Best Affordable Ski Resorts

The ultimate challenge: the soaring costs of a ski trip. We’ve scouted out well-sized ski areas where a six-day lift pass during high season costs less than €275, ensuring budget travelers can still chase their winter dreams.

Some links you might find useful when planning your next trip
Timestamps and booking links:
00:00 Intro
00:37 Borovets, Bulgaria
01:35 Val Cenis, France
02:50 Vogel, Slovenia
03:52 Serre Chevalier, France
05:07 Jasná Nízke Tatry, Slovakia
06:20 Boí Taüll, Spain
07:43 Sudelfeld–Bayrischzell, Germany

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  1. If you can't even pronounce the resort names, then clearly you haven't even been there and are likely just reading off a book. Zero credibility to this video, shame on you. Just the usual pretencious internet fool, trying to pass himself off as some sort of knowlegable expert, in order to make money from you (if you are dumb enough to watch the whole video to the end)…

  2. I’ve been to Jasna this year and I am (un)happy to report that a day skipass there is €100 (€92 with gopass) so not sure where you got the prices from. Also, everything around Jasna (restaurants, accommodation) is shockingly expensive for where it is. It easily rivals Austria price-wise and is not far off St Moritz.

    The resort is fantastic btw, really has it all, but I was left agape nearly every time it came to paying (burger? That’d be €19,80… 200ml Cuba libre? €8.20 please. Etc etc etc). We did some quick and dirty maths and a family of 4 will easily drop €3,5 – €4,5k for a week’s worth of skiing there.

  3. I think the maker of this video should tryand listen to the pronunciation of the places mentioned to correct several of them. The most hilarious is the youth hostel at the end (Jugendherberge). But still a nice effort to show us affordable places.

  4. corrections for Vogel.
    The resort is quite literally ON lake Bohinj, and it takes about 30 minutes to Bled, not an hour. 
    And it's 1 hour from Ljubljana airport, not 90 minutes 🙂

    Current prices (feb24) are 42/day for an adult.

  5. I was considering Jasna but skipass at 342 euros for an adult for 6 days was pretty much matching Alps so I chose there. The prices on the vid are BS or the cheapest you can get outside season. But then why not to mention Livigno where you have free ski weeks and ski passes for 0 euros!?

  6. I'm planning a road trip driving to Venice in Easter this year (from UK), but I would love to learn to ski somewhere in the Alps – what's a good place to learn the basics? I will only have time to spend 1 day.

  7. If you are a senior, 70 or above then Baqueira in the Pyrenees charges for a 6day ticket 36 euros or in English £5 a day. For others about 260euros for 6 days plus a large ski area.

  8. This selection seems pretty arbitrary to me. There are dozens of other medium-sized French and Swiss ski resorts easily accessible where a day pass is around 50 to 60 euros. And if you get the Swiss magicpass during pre-selling in March / early April, it's 389 euros for 69 resorts for one year. In average, my skiing in Switzerland is less than 20 euros a day and if you book early you can easily get bnb (with private bathroom) for approximately 50 to 70 euros a night in a manageable distance to the skiing area.

  9. From whos ass did you get these prices?
    Borovets – 500 BGN (256€), 178€ in video
    Val Cenis – varies ~150-220€, 90€ in video
    Jasna – 262€, 136€ in video

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