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5 Best Hotels for Families In Florence, Italy

If you would like to introduce your children to history and culture then Florence is an ideal place. Here you can roam the cobbled streets on a bicycle, or on your own two feet, visit museums, join an educational and informative tour, learn how to make pizza or shoes, and eat ice cream… lots and lots of ice cream. Your kids will love Galileo Museum, where your whole family can have fun while learning interesting facts about the famous scientist.

Accommodation for families is easy to find in Florence. Unfortunately, most of the hotels don’t provide babysitting services, high chairs, or any other convenient facilities. However, majority of them are located in historical buildings and their rooms are large and very comfortable. On top of that, you can always reach the major attractions within minutes. We have chosen the best family hotels in Florence to make your holiday planning a little bit easier.

1. Forte 16
2. Grand Hotel Baglioni
3. Corona d’Italia
4. Kraft
5. Grand Hotel Minerva


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