KIMPTON MARGOT Sydney, Australia 4K Hotel Tour & Review A New Gem in Sydney!

What’s the new Kimpton Margot Hotel in Sydney, Australia like? Check out this 4K Hotel Tour & Review of this newly opened 5-Star Hotel in downtown Sydney to see how great Kimpton’s first property in Australia is!

In This Video:
-Arrival at Hotel
-Hotel Lobby & History
-Hotel Location & Getting Around
-Full Premium Room Tour
-Rooftop Pool & “Bar”
-Breakfast at Luke’s Kitchen
-Yoga Stutio & Gym

Video Chapters
0:00 Intro
00:57 Arriving to the Hotel
01:18 Hotel Entrance
02:04 Beautiful Hotel Lobby
03:07 Secondary Entrance
03:30 Location & Transit Details
03:57 Heading to my Room
04:40 Full Premium King Room Tour
09:11 Need to Know FAQs
09:26 Wine Social Hour
09:50 Level Seven Rooftop & Pool
10:42 Wilmot Bar
10:52 Luke’s Kitchen
11:17 Breakfast Service
11:44 Yoga Studio & Gym

This is NOT a promotional video. I pay for all of my flights and hotels (and I always tell you how much!) so I can be as honest and impartial as possible. I do not receive any special treatment that wouldn’t otherwise be publicly accessible, in fact, the hotels and airlines have no idea about my visit and that’s the way I like it!

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  1. Thanks for your review. I really appreciate your commentary, very much to the point unlike so many Hotel vloggers who have no idea what they’re talking about. Love the old Art Deco building and overall Kimpton seem to have done a good job preserving the character. Your comment about the staff at social hour had me smiling, when I lived in Australia (born there) we had a common joke about lack of good service. “I can’t complain about the service because there wasn’t any”😂

  2. Hi Kevin, first came across your channel when looking to book hotels in Thailand this year. Thank you for your work + the detailed reviews you provide!!

    Sydney local here – as you mention, the city is going through something of a hotel boom at the moment. The Park Hyatt has long been the benchmark hotel, but has been joined in recent times by Crown Towers at Barangaroo, Capella in the city and the W (which opens tomorrow) at Darling Harbour.

    Elsewhere in Oz, hotels worthy of a mention include:
    – Qualia on Hamilton Island
    – Calile in Brisbane (ranked No.12 in World's 50 Best Hotels list this year)
    – Langham and JW Marriott on the Gold Coast
    – Crown Towers, Park Hyatt, Ritz-Carlton in Melbourne
    – The Tasman in Hobart
    – Como, Crown Towers, Ritz-Carlton in Perth

    Hope you make it back soon and we see how some of these properties stack up!

  3. From where i'm sat at my desk right now, i can still put my hand on a pen from the hotel we stayed at on honeymoon 21 years ago. Along with all the others of varying quality of course (i mean, you are supposed to take them home, right?)

  4. 😁🙋‍♂5:59 I agree, Kevin, it's a beautiful pen 🖊(the Sofitel Darling Harbour, Sydney has the same design in a similar turquoise shade, but two-toned). 7:27 7:52 8:10 The mismatched tapware would drive this semi-OCD person nuts😵‍💫. I wonder why they do that.

  5. I loved your comments about the chef with the big ego 😂… and the note about people who take breakfast seriously..😃.
    Thanks for another top review.. you cheered me up.. enough said .. 🙏

  6. Glad you had a good stay at this Kimpton. Looking at the room, it looks rather small, although I didn't catch a comment on the room size. Is it perhaps looking smaller on video than in real life? I understand that big city hotel rooms are frequently size-challenged, but not sure how well two people would fit into this room.

  7. Being a stone throw from where I lived I placed my money of you staying there 😂 I have even stayed in that room. Never stayed there when it was their previous incarnation Prime Hotel. Fun fact, in years gone by, where the gym is used to be a rifle range ( when it was still the water board building)

    There are new hotels opening up in Sydney, and in true Sydney style they trade on their location rather than service and charge ridiculous money ($800 for entry level room per night, yes I am looking at you crown and Capella)

    Got to love Sydney 😂

  8. I hope you had a good visit to my home city. Capella Hotel is a super luxe hotel in another refurbished 19th century grand building. You’ll need to win lotto to stay there. A good day trip is to take the train southwest to Cabramatta and you’ll pass through all the amazing multicultural suburbs ending in our tribute to HCM city. Thanks for another great review.

  9. Keep it up, I've watched almost all your videos on this channel. Hopefully you'll stay at The Fullerton Bay Hotel in Singapore next time (I'm a Singaporean), some other hotels I would love to see your review would be Hotel The Mitsui Kyoto, Aman Tokyo / Kyoto. I just have to say that as an introvert who loves staying at home and hotel interior design at the same time, I watch your vids to get that I'm "outside" but comfortably at home experience 😀 if you know what I mean. I think the best hotel design is the one that anticipates your needs, and I strive to design/reno my home exactly like that. 🙂

  10. Luke Mangan also has his Salt restaurants on Australian P@O cruise ships, he used to be the culinary consult for Virgin Atlantic, and Virgin Australia pre covid, with his food predominately on the now axed Australian east coast to LA routes. Famous for his sand crab Omelette.

  11. Glad you enjoyed my home city! Would love a review of the iconic Park Hyatt next time you visit – I don't think that view can be beat.

    Looking forward to your Philippine Airlines review, I flew the same route a couple of months back and was equipment swapped to the 2-2-2 config in business class. A very disappointing experience and chaotic transfer/boarding process in MNL, but dirt cheap business class fare!

  12. 05:18 and there I was thinking it was named after that other Australian icon, Margot Robbie 😅 Yes to the hotel pens! I do like a good pensil too. Have many that have travelled home with me 😅

  13. Omgosh Kevin, I was waiting for this I looked at some videos where people have come here but I was like nope not informal enough lol but I will watch on my break. I’m binge watching all of your videos today

  14. I've definitley noticed that IHG award nights seem to be good value in Syd – i think I've seen this property between 30-40k pn. Same for the IC (maybe a bit more).

  15. Had to laugh at your "view", my Miss and Partner just checked into an Accor hotel Darling Harbour, on arrival the lovely lady checking them in informed them she had "upgraded" their room to one with a "view" and what a suprise they got, the view is of a construction zone, might have been better off without the upgrade 😅. Even l dont drink the tap water in Australia, its safe but awful. Luke Mangan is a pompous twat IMO the only time lve eaten his food was on Virgin Australia in BC and it was a pass for me, l think the CC ended up getting me a sandwich from Economy and it was way better than "Lukes" finest fare. Really love that in Australia we preserve Art deco buildings and turn them into gorgeous hotels, it adds character and charm. I think the fabrics are great. Glad you didnt cancel this one 👍

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