So the other week, my good friend messaged me and told me that she had booked a room in a Sydney CBD Hotel ( Four points by Sheraton) that unfortunately she could no longer stay at. She asked if i wanted to go and i thought – why not?

Sydney, especially Sydney CBD isn’t a cheap place to live in, and hotels here honestly aren’t cheap either. (Though Airbnb in Sydney is definitely a good alternatively to a hotel especially if you’re with a big group)

My night at the Four Points by Sheraton Chippendale (Central Park) costed $169 for the night. If you’re sharing with someone, this will be halved at $85 pp/ night, which is reasonable, especially giving a night at a Capsule Hotel (Space Q) was $50 AUD / night.

Taking into account the price, i was genuinely impressed with the Four Points by Sheraton CBD hotel. The hotel room is very functional and the bedding was extremely comfortable. In terms of hotel ammenities, the Four Points had a fitness centre and provided toiletries (shampoo, conditioner etc) free of charge. The location by far was the star of this hotel – it was close enough to sydney CBD, but far enough that you dont get caught up into the hustle and bustle of a busy city like Sydney. And overall, as i said in the video, the Four Points by Sheraton Central Park (CBD) hotel was in my opinion, a 4 star hotel with 5 star comfort.

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  1. Janice you can pay my stay at the Travelodge hotel if you want, il give a good review 😉 Joking 😇 Love the hotel review videos. Hope you upload more

  2. Veriu Broadway is my favorite. I stayed in The Heritage Suite and is massive. Has kitchen, lounge, dining area and the best of all – washing machine and dryer! The area is nice and quiet. Broadway Mall is only a few blocks away. Love that hotel. They even give you a free bike and smart phone to use while staying there.

  3. Hotel is my go to..nothing too expensive but location is very important for me too…easier to walk to many attractions n u save for more food and like u I luv foooooddd..

  4. Great video. That $169 rate seems very cheap for a room like that. On their web site the cheapest I could find was $284. Maybe it was a super special rate.

  5. oh wow…was that a recycling bin under the desk??? I've never actually seen one in a hotel room before. That's really neat. (Yes, out of your whole video the highlight for me was the 2 second shot of a trash can you didn't even talk about)

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