A REVIEW of Asia’s TOP Restaurant – Odette (3 Michelin Star)

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This is a review of a 3 Michelin star restaurant called Odette. Leading the team is Chef-owner Julien Royer. Odette broke into the Worlds 50 Best Restaurant list in 2018 and in 2019 topped Asia’s 50 Best restaurants at number one. It’s been a regular on both lists ever ever since.

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  1. Calling a meal for 337 € plus wine for 204 € that has nothing to do with singaporean cuisine and doesn't use local ingredients "for the people of Singapore" is pretty funny

  2. Disappointing that the best restaurant in Asia is a Eurocentric one that is based in classic French cuisine and techniques. Undoubtedly, it looks phenomenal, but it’s a shame that you’ve travelled all the way to Singapore to have a meal that wouldn’t be out of place in France… there’s no sense of place, no interesting ingredients, no real connection to Singapore. It shows how dominant Eurocentric cuisines are in the Michelin guide… unless of course they’re Japanese… which every single menu now has regardless. There’s always dashi or some Japanese / French influence. Also that’s clearly rosemary smoking under the egg, not thyme.

  3. Why is the chef trying to pass off fault saying people in the region don't like acidity? Have you heard of soy sauce? And that goes in everything. Not to mention the frequent use of vinegar in chinese cooking.

  4. Why the f do all these fine dining places import non-seasonal stuff from thousands of miles away??????? Don't they have any good local produce? WTF. Terrible carbon footprint, for rich white gastrotourists ready to check another 50 best off their list. Exactly why I WOULDN'T GO.

  5. Odette is a good restaurant but much more 2 star level rather than 3 star (this is a theme across Asia where you can deduct 1 star compared to the European guides)

  6. Lobster, Kinki, Caviar, Quail: it is the "same" menu as Zen! It's crazy to think that there is three 3* restaurant in Singapore and the menu are so similar in two of those!

  7. Odette is the first Singapore-based 3 stars Michelin restaurant that I have patronised. I've had my fair share of Michelin restaurants around the world, in my opinion, some exceeded my expectations, some are worthy of the title and there are quite a few just like Odette, fell short.

    I had been intrigued by Odette for about five years now, as we frequently passed by it at the national gallery. Despite hearing both positive and negative reviews from peers, I knew that the only way to judge was through firsthand experience. Given its high price, I decided to reserve it for a special occasion, my partner's birthday celebration.The night ended with me being $1600 lighter, with a full stomach but an empty spirit.

    The national gallery provided an impeccable backdrop for a restaurant, surrounded by artistic ambiance. Nonetheless, the interior of Odette felt lacklustre, stuffy, and dim during the dinner service. The chairs lacked comfort, especially for someone tall like me.

    The menu offered a vegetarian choice and a classic option, and we opted for the latter. While the staff was polite, they seemed distant and impersonal, which was surprising for a 3-star Michelin restaurant, touted as "the best restaurant in Asia."

    The first lacklustre incident occurred when we were ordering our wine, we inquired about the profile of the selected Volnay wine. The staff's response was that he had not yet tried it. While I appreciate his honesty, it seemed surprising that in a 3-star Michelin restaurant, the staff was not familiar with the wines listed on the menu. Moreover, he made no effort to seek assistance from someone who might be knowledgeable about the wine.

    In general, the dishes presented at Odette were visually appealing and skillfully executed with precision. However, they fell short of delivering the "wow" factor and innovation that I typically associate with top-tier Michelin dining. Certain dishes felt safe and predictable, leaving me craving bolder flavours and more imaginative combinations. As a complete dining experience, the dishes failed to harmoniously convey the essence of Odette's unique narrative, leaving me with the impression that the restaurant lacked soul.

    However, the real disappointment came when we reached the dessert course. Considering it was a special occasion and the esteemed reputation of the restaurant, we had anticipated a customised dessert from the chef. To our disappointment, all they did was place a candle and write "happy birthday" on my partner's plate when serving the dessert. The experience turned even more disheartening when we noticed the table next to us being served a bespoke chocolate cake for their birthday celebration. The staff made no effort to address the situation, and the proximity of the tables made it all the more disconcerting. This left us with a bitter aftertaste.

    As the evening drew to a close, they prepared a takeaway gift for us. However, it felt rather awkward as they only provided one jam for the two of us to share, essentially giving one gift for both diners.

    To wrap it all up, in my opinion If you seek an elegant dining experience with refined dishes and good service, Odette certainly meets those criteria. Just not 3-star Michelin level nor the best restaurant in Asia.

  8. Pretty impressive that’s the price considering they basically use no local ingredients!

    IMO balance is such an important aspect when making a dish and is probably the defining feature when you hit 3* territory so that comment was a giant red flag for me.

  9. Watching this hungover after Halloween in my dorm eating peanut butter and nilla wafers which I’ve paired with blue Gatorade with a electrolyte pod. I’m basically Alexander.

  10. another great video from the worlds best guest, Alexs videos are the highlight of YouTube for me and as a chef its a joy to see such balanced, informed and honest opinions. keep pushing Alex.

  11. Imagine a 3-michelin star Singapore restaurant in Paris. Sounds odd, doesn’t it? Flying ingredients from SE Asia (Singapore doesn’t produce so much within its borders) and serving a Singapore menu in the midst of Paris, France.

    The sole reason Odette and many other michelin starred Western restaurants in Singapore exist and bloom, is solely due to the fact, that there’s a large, very large audience that will dine there. As they can afford to do so and they are willing to do so. It’s a business model. More and more Western chefs choose their domicile and kitchen in Singapore, as it offers the opportunity. It’s a trend.

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