DIFFERENCES between a “hotel” and an “extended stay america”

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  1. stayed at Extended Stay America Select Suites Ann Arbor Univ. South location from Wed Aug 30-Sun Sept 3 2023, previously staying at this location last year. I arrived for check in and was advised that this location's policy where no more dishes, utensils, etc were not provided in the kitchen. Everything that the booking sites showed included, was not, as this location was downgrading it's status as an Extended Stay Select. When I got to the room I was left 2 towels, 2 washcloths, 2 plastic cups, 1 bar of soap. No shampoo/conditioner/lotion, no ironing board, no iron yet I was paying excessively high prices. I was actually there to visit a sick individual at the hospital daily and would leave the hotel usually around 8 or 9 am and would not return until 1130pm or midnight, being at the hospital the entire time. I needed the room to shower (with no shampoo/conditioner etc) and to sleep.

    I returned Wed night to a room down the hall playing loud music along with loud laughing until 2am. Slept horribly. When I went to notify the front desk I was met with a metal door and metal non see thru shield at the front desk with a note on the door showing closed from 10pm to 10am daily. When I arrived back that evening through the main door, I was met with the same reception area with no staff and the closed metal covering to where an employee should be positioned 24/7. I walked to the far stairs to walk up the the 2nd floor (elevator is a bit creaky) and discovered a few individuals (unk if they were staying on property) getting high with the security door propped open with a rock that is supposed to be secure/key card access only. That night was the same with loud people yelling from one room to another until approx 2am also people up and down the stairwell with no hotel representative to be found. Fri came and I had to be out once again before 10am and didn't get back until 11pm with no hotel employee seen. I arrived and observed all access doors (minus main entry) propped open with stones, people hanging out in their vehicles in the lot (unk of they were guests), people having a party on the second floor with unk amount of people coming in and out throughout the early morning hours waking me up as 12am, 1am, 2am and 4 am. Once again no hotel staff.

    I tried calling around to other hotels in the area to see if I could get out of this place and unfortunately there were no nearby vacancies. The hospital mentioned letting me stay there and I should have as at least it would have been secure with about the same amount of sleep. Saturday night there was only one incident of loud, but that was just people walking to their rooms. I needed to stay in town for a few more days and Thank God I was able to find another hotel right down the street and book my remaining nights there.

    I have never in my life had such a horrible, scary, unsecured experience in a hotel or even a motel. Keita, the GM of this location, called me after reading my emailed complaint. I debated with Keita on the operation and security of this location and was advised that there was someone monitoring the telephone in the room and it was my responsibility to call (not see someone in person) with the security issues. I was also told I should have called during hours of operation 10am to 10 pm to address any issues and that staff have in the past been advised to remove rocks from the doors when propped open. She proceeded to advise me the hotel has never had a guest basically attacked intside the hotel. She also advised that the hotel cannot control what patrons of the hotel do in the parking lots, propping doors, and smoking marijuana. Everything she advised me besides what I was told at check in is the farthest thing from how a hotel should be operated and how a guest should be treated.

    No hotel employee is accessible at night at the front desk that is behind a large metal (non see thru) shield and a heavy metal door from 10pm to 10am. If there is a hotel employee behind these shields no guest would ever know. This also means if there is an employee and they are not there for reception work, then they should be monitoring the hotel grounds. Security doors propped open through the night and numerous nights letting anyone walk in or out of this hotel. If people are loitering on the grounds the hotel staff should be monitoring the activity and making sure that the individuals are in fact hotel guests with key cards. Staff should be making rounds through the hotel in regards to noise especially late and night through the early mornings. Staff should be monitoring the hotel parking lot, which is hotel property. If there is suspicious activity and they are afraid to address it the police should be called. If employees feel unsafe and need to be hidden behind closed off metal barriers just think how guests of the hotel feel. This is the only hotel I ever stayed at that doesn't have 24 hour hotel reception/staff. I should be compensated and the location needs to be dealt with/investigated by those in Corporate.

  2. I use extended stay America even for week vacations. It's cheaper to book 7 nights than 5 nights. It's good to stay at Esa even if you don't plan to cook if it's a week you are lodging.

  3. I don't care if it is rated 5 stars and $10,000 a day. I am going to be proactive inspect the room, clean & sanitize door handles going in and out of the room and bathroom. I am going to clean the bathroom, wash the towels, wash clothes, sheets, pillows, provide my own cups, bowls, sliverware, sanitize tv remote better yet use universal remote or IR Blaster on phone.

  4. Idk these extended stays looking run down, I am planning on converting a shed cabin to a hotel suite, thought these extended stay videos would help on some ideas but I seen better setups in other hotels that even and in a couch, this looks more like a dorm room for a college kid 🤭

  5. It was nice and clean .The staff were very nice .Rhonda C.was great and made sure I was well taking care of .I give her a 100 pre cent .She is a very nice lady and her team were the best .If I had to go back this is the place I would want to go .Miss you guys .

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