How to find CHEAP HOTEL deals (4 easy hotel booking tips to slash your bill)

The way you search for cheap hotel deals drastically affects how much you pay.

In this video, we cover how to find cheap hotel deals with 4 easy strategies.

Everyone’s travel styles and budgets are different, and it’s important to have several cheap hotel booking tips in your tool belt.

Sometimes these tips will shave off a few bucks per night, while others can save you thousands. In the end, it all adds up.

The more ways you know how to find cheap hotels, the more money you’ll have left for fun activities during your trip.

So never settle for full price. There’s just too many travel hacks out there to take advantage of!

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  1. There is a hidden gem in Biloxi, Mississippi. The Star Hotel, tell them you saw it for $60, They will honor it and let you pay cash. Also, usually dont charge a deposit. 2 blocks from 6 casinos across from the beach. People living there are friendly. Hope this helps. 1 hour from New Orleans and 1 hour or so from Pensacola .

  2. Sir i am lil bit confuse my parents want to visit usa and i font know how to researve a hotel even i watched alot of vedioes but i did not get can u guide me how i can do the best way for visa application

  3. I used my AA Airline awards to get a low cost rate for 4 days in Dallas TX and Nashville under $200 for 6 days! Airbnb would have been $600 min bonus is the kitchen though took cook own food but I can take a grill and factor meals and use Groupons to save on food!

  4. Well Mr based on my experiences I have got 20% less on prices through the internet I find they tend to rip you of through the app .also three ways to do book app the hotel or book one night then ask the hotel if they do discount for cash it has never failed me yet use different phones this tends to confuse booking site thinking your a new customer and give a discount I have saved shit loads but the ultimate saving way is can't tell you secret lol

  5. The best way to get good deals for hotels , flights and car rental
    1. ALWAYS use incognito mode when searching to avoid being tracked. Once you find a deal you can log into the website to purchase so you get an extra discount.
    Once you make the purchase, close the website and repeat

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