Inside the MOST EXPENSIVE Hotel Room in the WORLD!

This week, we are touring the MOST EXPENSIVE hotel suite in the world with unique art installations worth over $39,000,000!

Time Codes:
00:00 Introduction
01:43 Entry & Seating Area
04:11 Dining Area & Kitchen
07:30 Bar & 24-Hour Butler
11:04 Private Balcony With Pool
14:25 Game Room
18:35 Scotch 80 (The Steakhouse At The Palms)
22:24 VIP Bedroom Suite
28:02 Main Bedroom Suite
29:05 Hotel Pool
30:25 Hotel Casino
31:52 Ghost Bar (Night Club At The Palms)
32:48 Main Suite Walk-In Closet, Bathroom
35:16 Night Tour
36:00 Outro

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  1. lol the medicine cabinet “art piece” worth 1M made me laugh out loud! As for the butterflies on the sofa and chairs, my 3 and 6 year old nephews can do that for free 😂 insanely rich people are insanely out of touch with reality if they’re willing to spend so much money on this ugly room 😂 don’t care how much the “art” in that room costs, they’re so ugly and ridiculous I would never put them up in my home .

  2. And that's when your reputation went down the drain. It's a very, very sad experience to see how you want to sell us this hotel room, this pinnacle of bad taste, with a smug smile, knowing full well that you can only do this with ice-cold lies to our faces.

  3. Nice a hotel room where you can’t touch anything
    Are the stairs an art installation too?
    If I climb them will they let me know politely not to climb them?
    What about the couch maybe that’s an art installation as well
    Did the artist do the kitchen as well?

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