Is this Europe’s Best Breakfast Buffet? Majestic Breakfast in Barcelona

A big thank you to for sponsoring this video! It was quite a amazing travel adventure to Spain, getting to meet the great people, share a bite or two, and toast to the new friendships and upcoming explorations. A very kind individual commented that Spain is just a stone’s throw away from the World’s Best Buffet at Les Grands Buffets in neighbouring France, and that it would be a shame not to visit.

This is above and beyond the best Vegas buffets out there (Caesars bacchanal , Wynn, etc). Sounds convincing enough, so I extended the trip a fews days and started to make my way to Narbonne, France… but first I made a trip Barcelona to catch the train.

While in Barcelona, I got to visit the famous attractions like the street of las ramblas, the marketplace la boqueria, and amazing works from Gaudi. Now, it was time to make the trip to France for the World’s Best Buffet, but before the journey, I needed to have breakfast first. And wouldn’t you know it, Europe’s Best Breakfast Buffet happens to be right here in Barcelona.

Voted Europe’s best, I had to find out for myself to see what this buffet has in store. Grand, elegant, and unlimited dishes were a few words that came to mind. The Majestic Hotel is a grand hotel and while it was still early before the sun has risen, the buffet was buzzing.

Visitors, travellers and sight seers were up early and hungry, and the Majestic Breakfast resolved the hunger with a selection of buffet items with amazing charcuterie, cheese, classic breakfast treats, sparkling wine, and a selection of made to order dishes. Hunger abated!

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  2. since I have this (but different combos) for a breakfast since 5 years, because its fast and I have to time to cook…
    I think I can skip paying for breakfast buffet in Europe, there is nothing I can prepare for myself and this would feel like waste of money for me

  3. I could almost tear up watching this video. I stayed at the Majestic last summer and it was the most wonderful hotel experience I have ever had! The breakfast buffet was fantastic (every day for 4 days) and the rooftop bar was unbelievable as well

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