Luxury hotel room tour, meet and greet and FIGHTING ON CAMERA?

FIGHTING ON CAMERA?! Caught in 1080p (not 4k lol). Welcome back to our luxury hotel room tour, catch us hosting our FIRST EVER meet and greet and more adventures in Singapore.

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  1. This is unrelated to this video. I am not much of a couples channel person but i used to love watching Wahlietv it was a couples channel back then before they decided to take a hiatus from vlogging together. So i've been trying to find a channel that had a similar vibe and ended up finding you guys. Been enjoying the content so far keep it up! 😊

  2. This is going to sound really random, but I'm pretty sure my older sister Nitya volunteered with you in high school at the youth american red cross of silicon valley for a while. just wanted to say that it is so awesome for both of us to see you doing such great things! <3

  3. I was there that day! Queued for pretty long lols. Happy to see you both (y’all look really good and Miki, you were super warm and friendly, while Kevin was really efficient ushering everyone into the photo-taking space quickly lols) and happy to be a part of the day that’ll go down in history for you! (: P.S. Didn’t know you two were a lil annoyed with each other that day haaa. Y’all had big smiles in my pic (:

  4. Silly rich people. I stayed in a hostel when i was there. It was near Chinatown and my bunk was in a room with 5 other people. I met this dude from Lithuania who showed me lots.of the cool stuff of the city. The taxi driver told me about the marina barrage. Again. Do the hostel…bougie rich people.

  5. Wondering if Miki did a M&G in the U.S. or went to one and there was people who just ruined the experience and she just thinks it's Americans. Seen many M&Gs that happened in the U.S. & wasn't chaos. 🤔 Thx for not editing out the arguing. A good reminder relationships aren't perfect.

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