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Anthony Melchiorri is boggled by this hotel’s absurd deposit policies!
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  1. Dan Bell recently visited here about three weeks back, it's horrifying. He found blood, urine, and a needle embedded in the mattress. The Empress should be shut down

  2. Hotels like these are just people’s houses. They take out loans and bring their families from overseas to live there and they do everything to deter Americans from staying in their slums.

  3. Dan bell visited here recently
    It’s about 3 years later and it’s disgusting and piss soaked and insane. They found completely urine soaked mattresses and a syringe stabbed into one of them.

  4. We were so stunned that we just watched this twice to make sure we really understood what we were seeing.We would NEVER stay there, or at any other hotel that treated us in a similar manner!  Whatever happened to treating a customer as a GOOD and NECESSARY thing for survival? Not as if the customers are criminals? WE are not doing THEM a favor by handing over our money to stay in their establishment! That is their business. And they should be doing anything and everything possible to entice us to come to their establishment – and enjoy our stay while we are there! So we would maybe come back again – and maybe recommend their establishment to other people as well. They need to be rolling out the red carpet, doing everything within their power to make our stay enjoyable. Not making people stand there, in line, while they count the towels! Shame on this hotel – and any others like them!!! (And don't get us going on the currently popular "amenities" and "hospitality" fees they tack on – which can almost equal the "per night" cost of the room!) Bravo to you for posting this video!  If you don't want to…or can't…post the name/city of the hotel here, then please send it to us in a private email. Because we will NEVER stay there – or in any of their other locations!)

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