10 Best Countries to Live in Asia

Are you looking for the best countries to live in Asia? Look no further! In this video, we’ll take you on a journey across 10 of the best countries that are renowned for their amazing quality of life.

From South Korea’s bustling cities to Thailand’s pristine beaches and Japan’s fascinating culture, there is something for everyone!

Join us as we explore these amazing places and discover why they’re some of the top destinations for expats.

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  1. Philippines is top list to live.nice beaches,cheaper and not difficult to communicate even childrens can understand basic English words. and you can see houses around the place own by Americans. did you know that 500,000+ Americans living in the Philippines…😊

  2. Indonesia is great for visiting… to stay… nahh… problems are electricity, frequent black out… poor internet… water, education and health care… not upto standard…

    China… racist… dont learn the hard way…

    Japan… racist but polite. Like Singapore… its not cheap to live in.

  3. # 1 – The Philippines. –
    The expats- favorite destination , because everybody speaks English our
    Second Language
    That's why lots of Tourist
    All walks of life you name it
    Are their # 1 spot to leave
    And very low- cost of living
    Hospitable people, friendly ,
    Helpful, caring and loving to name a few
    Nice beaches too ore than
    7000 thousand Island to
    Explore. COME ON…

  4. Best country to live in Asia …all depend on how much money u have, type of food u want, ease of communication, transportation available, type of lifestyle u need, overall safety in the country,……etc.
    For example: if u just need a peaceful n quite life with just basic neccesities, u can even stay uphill with cool n fresh air.

  5. I am British Singaporean and I am proud of my birth country. The standard of living is excellent and sadly it makes UK now a sorry state. All the same at my age of 81 I am content with my life. Well done Singapore and all credits to Mr. LEE KUAN YEW.❤

  6. Indonesia Paling indah, paling luas, dan paling murah, semuanya ada di Indonesia, gunung, Pantai,kota, semuanya yg anda inginkan ada, Singapura apaan, negara kecil, apa apa mintanya ke Indonesia, minyak dari Indonesia, pasir dari Indonesia, tanah dari Indonesia, semua sumber alam dari Indonesia

  7. I will not count China even in the top 20. It is a place that internet isn't allowed to access any sites outside of China. Food safety is also a big issue.

  8. 10:37 yeahhhhh mnalaysiaaamy countryy wuuuuuuuu pleaseee living in malaysia you will know what best if compare to any country but i also have big interest to living i9n japan one day cause japan is stable 3 biggest economy and technology and also they pople more friendly that any country haa and japan living standart is suitable to use expeciialy polite white western people wanna living in japan and malaysia too

  9. I have been to all of the countries mentioned for no less than 3 times. Each time, my stay was 3 to 6 weeks. I have no idea how your rating system works. It doesn't make any sense on your ranking.

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