Best Luxury Hotel RIU Palace Peninsula Cancun, Mexico

Hotel RIU Palace Peninsula Cancun, Mexico | Best Luxury Hotel 2021. This RIU hotel is located at the heart of one of the most touristic destinations in Mexico, Cancun, the property is situated on a dazzling stretch of white sand beach and framed by tropical vegetation and crystal clear turquoise water. Let’s go and find out everything about this hotel in cancun, mexico.

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  1. Lol first thing when we arrived they want to put as in small building no ac on the stairs no elevator bad view..don't be fouled, main building all rooms have ocean view somewhat! Hotel was ok service too but building itself feels like old hotel, my opinion.

  2. Been twice, really enjoyed it & I'm most certainly going to make it 3, brilliant.😁 Love sitting on balcony & having a few drinks watching the pirate ships sale out on an evening.

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