10 Most Luxurious Hotels in the World

If you desire an all five-star service and experience, staying in a luxury hotel is the perfect way to sample the lifestyle of the rich. Featuring stunning architecture, world class amenities and fine dining, luxury hotels offer an exceptional experience for the elite.

The hotels explored here are globally renowned as being the most luxurious hotels in the world, and it is definitely worth treating yourself to a stay at one of them at least once. Hotels like Titanic Mardan Palace, Burj Al Arab and The Plaza are some of the most luxury providing hotels for the Richest.

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  1. what a joke! the first couple of hotels on the list seem to be low-end places, there are numerous resorts and hotels around the world that are more worthy of this list

  2. Two hotels you never even told us where they were. Far too many in America, FAR too big, and missed out all the best luxury hotels worldwide. These are not the most luxurious; just the ones you're paid to push, I think. I could name you ten which are more luxurious and none appear on this list.

  3. We stayed at atlantis and burj al arab in duabi n emirates palace in abu dhabi but they did not let us in because there was a rule to wear full covered clothes there so if you go there please wear fully covered clothes or they won't let you in.(Emirates palace)
    Just for information
    Have a good day ❤

  4. Most luxurious hotel in the world is currently located on La Pampa, Argentina: Mercure Hotel
    Where you can also taste the best meat in the world.

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