European Hotels – What You Should Know About Hotels in Europe

Hotels in Paris, B&Bs in England, Pensions in Germany, What you should know about the similarities & differences between hotels in Europe & the US. From IBIS & Sofitel to Mom & Pop hotels there are many things you should know, from bathrooms, beds, towels & more!

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  1. At a big old hotel in Las Ramblas Barcelona, Hotel Colon? I was asked to leave they key. Before leaving I in heist broke my necklace but I had little time to gather all the small beads so I asked at the desk to please not clean my room. When I returned, house-keeping had been there and the floor had been swept ( needlessly). Many beads were missing. When I politely complained and asked if my beads had been salvaged, The desk person rudely dissmissed me with the excuse that they don't have time to pass the messages to house-keeping. There was no appologie.
    I always tip wherever I go but making the request on this day as I was going out to meet my friends I didn't. I should have slipped them a few bills withe request because in this hotel this was all important to them–hands out for everything including giving directions and the only time one got a smile.

  2. Hi! My husband and I love your videos and have appreciated your advice. We’ve only been to Europe once and on shock for us at the hotel in Spain was this. The booking and reviews said the hotel had fantastic toiletries so I didn’t pack shampoo etc. Turns out they meant a shoe shine kit and shaving kit. One of my friends who has travelled a lot laughed at me and said “Oh yeah! Europe never has that in the hotel”. Maybe you could give more info about that in a future video. I know this is an older one. All the best to you and family & safe travels! 😀

  3. I know it's been 5 years but as someone from the UK the 'Double room' thing threw me. I work in a hotel so when Americans arrive they're always angry.

    Generally a 'Double room' is a room with a King Double bed in it, sometimes this can be split into two singles and it's then called a Twin Double room. They're sometimes marketed as 'Twin Double Rooms' to show it can be set as either.

    But I've had Americans book a double room for 4 adults, expecting to arrive and have 2 large double beds to sleep in and then act as if it's our fault they've only got 1 double bed.

  4. From my experience travelling in Europe it’s not always ok to put toilet paper down the toilet so look for a sigh also Being from U.K. I thought bottled water was an American thing never see people drinking bottled water in houses.

  5. Sorry, just laughing! Was several Times in US (good., But not the greatest Country in known universe!). Washington DC, appoinment with FDA…Check out (i live in switzerland), lady had a slight difficulty…Swasiland..sorry not many colourered persons here, sweden (europe…all the same?)….not quite, after telling her….USA? Does this include the spanisch Part…of America…she finally managed. It was all in good Humor!!! And we laughed a lot

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