I Exposed Pakistan’s Top 5-Star Hotel $300 Dirty Rooms

A $300 price point, dirty rooms, water on the floor, smoking, and cold buffet food. Is this hotel really all it’s made out to be? Let’s find out!

0:00 $300 Serena Hotel Room
7:30 $15 High Tea
13:07 $8 Sad Chicken Kadai
19:29 Final Thoughts


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  1. Pakistani here. No comparison, but every country has different categories and way of cleaning. Hotels like PC and Avari towers in Pakistan is good choice. I traveled in different countries and found different cleaning style.
    Some cheap price hotels have good cleaning similarly some expensive hotels are not up to the mark in cleaning

  2. Thats why street foods are soooo tastier and better in any 1 to 7 star Hotlel in Pakistan. they taking too much charges and provide 10% of that charges in every service like, food, service and etc., so if you are a food lover and know its tastes try STREET FOODS only.

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