Hotel Investing Explained Millionaire Mindset

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  1. My parents own two hotels and a restaurant. I would advice everybody: don’t open a restaurant if you don’t want to be there all the time. In my eyes that’s the most difficult business you can have.

  2. I am actually looking to buy a hotel or make a capsule hostel. Interesting video that made me think twice now. Maybe a warehouse or just a couple of single-family homes makes more sense in terms of the amount of work vs return. And I do not believe thatretail stores in 2023 can survive upcoming decade.

  3. HOLY SHIT😂 I don't even want to think about this no more..wen he said toilet paper shipment I thought about how much my house use wen 1 person go …I b mad so I would b to upset just ordering all that toilet paper mean just think about it..whoo

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