I Stay In A 5 Star Luxury Hotel In Beverly Hills

I Stay in this is the legendary LA hideaway, famous for playing host and friend to Hollywood royalty for over a century. From the deals made in the Polo Lounge to the romances lived out in the secluded bungalows, this has been Hollywood playground since Beverly Hills was born.

I Stay the night and explore this icon world famous hotel

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  1. I'm staying there next April for 3 nights. I'm a Boomer and Beverly Hills was such an iconic place growing up. I wanted a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see it while I"m in L.A.

  2. I have stayed here twice over the years, and by world standards, and what you pay there; it really is not worth the money. You are paying for the name more than anything else, or bragging rights.

  3. the multiple comments about how big the bed is are so funny sir its because it can comfortably sleep two people😂bros never seen a double bed before

  4. Many of the comments are about the high cost. To the multimillionaires who stay and dine at the BHH, it's pocket change. They're spending a substantially smaller percentage of their income for a stay there than an average person does when staying at a Motel 6.

    Also, I think it's funny that the same people who vote for government mandated benefits, minimum wages, and other taxes are surprised that these costs are passed-on to the customers. We all pay for these costs whether or not they are separate line-items on a bill.

  5. I’ll be honest, based on your review I would recommend people stay at The Proper, The Roosevelt, The Bel Air, or rent a house on One Fine Stay if they want that luxury Hollywood experience that is either cheaper than the Beverly Hills Hotel or you get more bang for your buck. It’s definitely an iconic landmark similar to Chateau Marmont but it’s not exactly what it used to be and you could get a whole lot more amenities at one of the hotels I mentioned or at a vacation home in an exclusive part of Los Angeles.

  6. It's expected to tip everyone in the US- the valet, the bellhop, the concierge, the waiter, basically everyone. But they are probably used to dealing with people from non-tipping countries who aren't familiar with it.

  7. Yes, i love the Coronado in san diego. I stayed in a victorian hotel(Horton Grand) in the gas lamp district. But i would stop at the Coronado, just to relive Some Like it Hot. Once i rode up in the elevator, tipped the elevator man. Another time i was strolling around the White House in DC. The Corcoran museum was elegant. Passing a fine hotel, i realized i was dressed well enough to go in. Looked like an old money place. I sat off the lobby, had coffee and pastry served(all i could afford). Very gracious place. About 2 or 3 blocks from the White House, 1989.

  8. Once again, I can’t afford to stay there, so thank you for the glimpse. The only reason i can think of to stay there, is if you are famous and want privacy. Other rich and famous people aren’t going to stare, or bother you.

  9. Had the opportunity to stay here twice many years ago. Once in a tower room (like this); once in one of the Bungalows that sit along the residential road. Amazing memories. Was traveling with a good friend who paid for my room both times. I'd love to relive this adventure! Beautiful there.

  10. The funny thing is you mentioned no costing machine… I have found that the most expensive hotels are the ones that give you the least amount complementary in your room. Go to a cheap hotel and you’ll get coffee bottles of water and free breakfast!

  11. I enjoy your videos, so informative.

    This place seems cheesy, especially at that price. I guess ordering seven dollar coffee for breakfast is their way to generate income so they can upgrade the crappy carpet and upkeep.

  12. Absolutely disgusting that they charge customers for THEIR employees' insurance costs and THEIR council tax costs! Typical in America, the customers are expected to tip to give employees a living wage instead of businesses paying them properly!

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