Staying In a American Capsule Hotel Los Angeles

Staying In a American Capsule Hotel (Los Angeles)
Very new experience, hope you guys can try it too!

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  1. lol this is basically a hostel but without the homeless/russian people that pay $20 a night to stay in with. but hey if you want to experience a capsule hotel in LA this is probably the closest you can get outside japan.

  2. Your very underrated youtuber man! I have a question tho and reply if you want to answer
    Can you put xxxtentacion house on sell? Everyone knows the address

  3. Current price of pods at time of video? Reservations? Walk-in accepted? Can 2 share large pod? Located where in LA, nearby to…? Check in/ check out time? Did you see other visitors? Thanks for letting us know this option exists in LA ❤️

  4. You never said anything time how to check in I mean you gave nothing we put eyes .. not being a jerk just reminder cause your cute so just don’t forget the stuff ppl need to know but still don’t the China style stuff honestly and I’m sure that’s who it was that put that there

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