Universal Orlando’s BEST Hotel | Royal Pacific Staycation Review Room Tour, Dining, etc.

There are lots of great places to stay on your trip to Orlando – but as far as hotels go, this one has one of the best perks around! We’re headed to Universal Orlando’s Royal Pacific Hotel for a staycation! Get ready for a full room tour, dining options, drinks, and more as Molly and Alan give the full review!

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  1. We prefer Royal Pacific to Hard Rock for the proximity to IOA and it was cheaper. When going to Universal we always stay at a premiere hotel to get the express passes.

  2. Side note ( because obviously everyone is raving RIGHTFULLY about how cool you two are!) it's actually pretty inspiring how this whole channel is Disney themed, but really is about honoring our own inner child, yet being a fully functioning adult 🤣 also as a couple, you two are a pretty shining example of partners providing each other a safe space to explore and celebrate that genuine, playful, childlike part of themselves.

  3. Yes, you had an ADA room. The folding shower chair is a big giveaway. Also, for everyone else out there, do not ask for a portable shower chair! It is against ADA regulations, and hotels should not have them.

  4. We stayed here in early may for less than 300 a night and we bought an extra night on out last day for less than 300 it was great. Hotel is amazing and smells amazing.

  5. I'm planning to book this resort for our first Universal trip! Quick question on Express Unlimited pass. Is this like Genie+ where you have to reserve your time on the app? Or you can go straight in whenever you ready to get onto the ride? I was not a fan of Genie+ when I went to Disney

  6. This is the ONLY way to do a Universal vacation in my opinion. The hotel is lovely and the walking path is the best thing ever! Will stay here every time!

  7. You got this! I started Ww when you started your channel- I really loved the videos on how to make smart choices on cruises (as we have been cruising 5 times a year recently).

  8. The Titanic renactment was my introduction to Molly and I cant forget it. I heard Starcruiser is also doing a Titanic renenacment in late September.

  9. This is my favorite Universal resort, you cannot beat the convenience and I love the morning walk to the park for early park admission so peaceful and the express pass makes it all worth it.

  10. Just think when brightline/ sunrail finally gets a stop at universal and Disney people can stay at this actual themed resort and take the train to Disney where hotel theming is a thing of the past 😂

  11. Please please sort out your audio, it's so muddy and hard to hear. I just watched your allears video on portofino hotel and saw a mammoth so purposely wanted to support you specifically but the audio is so so so so much worse. I still love you and your videos and watched this one though!

  12. Thanks for the video! We were considering this hotel for our upcoming trip, so it was great to see the ins and outs of the property.

    Unfortunately, the execution of this hotel's theme seems rather "meh". We are staying at Cabana Bay where we enjoy the theming much more. I'd rather pay the difference to get the express passes a la carte versus staying at RP just to get them for free.

  13. The first and only hotel I have staid out and can't wait to visit it again, so beautiful ❤ plus express passes!! I paid $75 in September through an employee discount. So if yall got a friend who works for the park try and get it through them for that big discount

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