We have left Gibraltar and drove 6 hours to Lisbon, Portugal. We stayed at the InterContinental Cascais-Estoril and visited the following landmarks in order:
1. Christ the King
2. Pastéis De Belém
3. Padrao dos Descobrimentos
4. Palace Pena
5. Belem Tower
We spent 3 days here

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  1. Hello. Im interested in going to Lisbon in July for a solo trip. Would you consider Lisbon worth visiting? Im debating between Amsterdam & Lisbon.
    I wanna do both.

    Im interested in starting a page. I travel solo in a wheelchair and would like to share my experiences

  2. Now Jazz team love & slim needs you to double check you have your inhaler at all times. What if you have a attack going up those forever stairs. Slim going back to get it is super sweet!

  3. Always great content, but more importantly you guys are living the life people dream or try to retire too. You guys should do a video of showing how you guys make the money work, i.e renting out your home and the cost to each city

  4. My younger sons(college-age) and I spent Christmas there, and trust me, we just walked around and smiled. They partied in the evenings…next time, we will hit the wine country and Sinitra( sp).

  5. I’m happy you guys are doing a real world tour…..I love seeing you guys interact with different people and cultures and especially eating different foods….

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